Harmful supervision

Social Work Research in New Zealand

“Supervision is an important component of professional learning, growth, and development in the helping professions. It is at the heart of professional practice on a career-long basis for some professions and a significant element in education and internship for others. Regardless of how long it continues in a professional’s career, it is a practice that is expected to model effective relationship building, the sensitive giving and receiving of feedback, and the careful management of power and difference” (Beddoe, 2017, 88).

With this significance of supervision in mind, it is thus alarming to note that harmful and inadequate supervision remains a persistent problem in the helping professions( see for example Ellis et al. 2014, and  Ellis, Creaner,  Hutman, & Timulak, 2015).

The important journal, the Clinical Supervisor has just published a special issue on harmful supervision: Narratives of harmful clinical supervision: An unacknowledged truthEleven anonymous narratives were provided by practitioners…

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