Current Themes and Challenges in Supervision in Health and Social Services

The School of Counselling, Human Services and Social Work  hosted an enjoyable CPD event on 21 November 2016 at the Kohia Centre, Faculty of Education and Social Work, Epsom, Auckland.

Presentations from the three papers:

  • Allyson Davys:  ‘Interprofessional supervision: A matter of difference’. Preliminary findings from research’ based on her current research; allyson-davys-interprofessional-supervision
  • Matt Rankine ‘Reflective supervision in austere times: A child welfare perspective’, based on his current research matt-rankine-auckland-2016
  • Liz Beddoe explores ‘The “grand challenges” for supervision’: examining trends in research and practice’ liz-beddoe-auckland-2016

A panel discussion: A practitioner panel discussion on developments and issues in professional/clinical supervision in different professions. Panel members were:  Heather Laxon,  Gilly Stuart,  Alison McEwen, Jolene Cartwright and Justine Small.



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