‘Swimming to shore’: Co-constructing supervision with a thinking-aloud process

Social Work Research in New Zealand

Matt Rankine and Andrew Thompson 

Supervision for social workers is an essential vehicle for revitalising, reflecting and transforming practice.

In our new article, we open the doors on our supervision session, with Matt as supervisee and Andrew as supervisor, and critically reflect on the content and process.

Using critical reflection as the research method, we co-construct and examine the content of our recorded supervision sessions and follow-up with participatory reflection sessions using a ‘thinking aloud’ process.  “Thinking aloud” simply means talking together about our motivations, meaning-making, discussing models of practice and considerations in response to a transcript of the supervision session.

Critical reflection identifies the location of power and how this impacts on practice and decision making. Consequently, our practice is enriched through the method of deconstructing and reconstructing items raised in supervision. Using critical reflection provides insights into the process and content of the supervision session. The key themes that emerge…

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