Phase One Survey Questions


Our research question is:

What should be on the agenda for research and development of supervision in social work?

This project is approved by the University of Auckland Human Participants Research Ethics Committee.For information the survey questions are listed below.



  1. Country
  2. Highest qualification- drop down menu

Undergraduate degree/ postgraduate diploma/ Master’s degree /PhD


Please specify [Field for answer]

  1. Role:   Please choose the option that best describes your current role

Academic ( ) Trainer ( ) Researcher ( ) Supervision Educator ( ) Direct practitioner ( ) Supervision Practitioner (  ) Other [Field for answer]

  1. Are you currently conducting any research on supervision in social work? If yes please describe briefly the focus and method: [Field for answer]

5. Please provide brief details (focus and method) of any completed research on supervision you have conducted in the last five years. [Field for answer]

  1. Do you currently offer professional supervision to others? Yes/No



  1. Is there sufficient evidence about best practice in social work supervision? Elaborate in the space below [Field for answer]


  1. Please rate the statement:  Significant gaps exist in the current state of knowledge about supervision in social work

(Scale: Strongly agree/ Agree/ Neutral/Disagree/Strongly disagree)

Please explain the reason for your rating in the space below: [Field for answer]


  1. Thinking about the different stakeholders in social work supervision, how much importance do you perceive each of these stakeholders would place on strengthening the knowledge base and practice of supervision in social work

(Scale:  Significant concern/ moderate concern/ low concern/ no concern/ don’t know)

Social work academics


Employers/senior management

Practice teachers/ placement supervisors


Service users

Professional bodies

Service managers


1. Which aspects of social work supervision are most worthy of scholarly research? Please explain your choices.  [Field for answer]

2. Of these suggested research topics, which in your view is the most urgent? Please explain your choice. [Field for answer]

3. Which research approach might best be utilised to contribute to and expand existing knowledge about supervision in social work? [Field for answer]

4. Are there any specific aspects of supervision research which pose particular challenges in selecting methods and analyses? [Field for answer]

5. How can different stakeholder perspectives be included in research about supervision in social work?  [Field for answer]

6. Comment on whether funding for supervision research is likely to be available in your country?  Yes/No

If yes, elaborate on which bodies might provide this funding: [Field for answer]


  1. What kind of training and qualification for supervision is available is available in your country?


For example: None, in-service training, Postgraduate or post -qualifying diploma or degree/ master’s degree.  [Field for answer]


  1. Is there any requirement for supervisors to have training or qualifications in supervision in your country?  Please explain [Field for answer]


  1. All social workers, regardless of level and experience  should have supervision:

(Scale: Strongly agree/Agree/Neutral/ Disagree/Strongly disagree)

Please feel free to elaborate on your answer. [Field for answer]


4. Supervision should be linked to professional registration or licensing requirements:

(Scale: Strongly agree/Agree/Neutral/ Disagree/Strongly disagree)

Please feel free to elaborate on your answer. [Field for answer]


5. Training for social work supervision in my country is adequate:

(Scale: Strongly agree/Agree/Neutral/ Disagree/Strongly disagree)

Please feel free to elaborate on your answer. [Field for answer]


6. All social work supervisors should require accreditation in my country

(e.g. have undertaken approved training recognised by an accredited body):

(Scale: Strongly agree/Agree/Neutral/ Disagree/Strongly disagree)

Please feel free to elaborate on your answer. [Field for answer]


7. What do you consider to be the three main challenges facing the practice of social work supervision in your country?  [Field for answer]


8. What do you imagine social work supervision will be like in 10 years’ time in your country? [Field for answer]


8. Any other general comments you wish to make about the research agenda for supervision in social work: [Field for answer]


9. Are there any questions you feel this survey should have addressed but didn’t? [Field for answer]


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