An update on the Delphi Study of Supervision in Social Work

Phase one of the study is now closed. I would like to offer our grateful thanks to those who participated in the online survey. We are impressed by the very thoughtful contributions.

The survey link was open for 11weeks. It was completed by 56 people from 17 countries. The United Kingdom came in first with 17 respondents, 6 each from Australia, Canada, Hong Kong and New Zealand and 4 from the US. Single responses were made from colleagues in Portugal, Malta, Cyprus, Germany, France, Sweden, Norway, Finland, South Korea, South Africa and Singapore.

While many respondents reported multiple kinds of involvements in supervision, the primary role for most respondents was academic (33) followed by 10 senior supervisors, 8 supervision trainers and 5 researchers. Respondents reported a wide range of supervision research and development projects that are in progress or recently completed.

We will now proceed to analyse the data and as findings emerge we will provide brief updates on the blog. Members of the research team will also be presenting at the 4th European Conference for Social Work Research in Bolzano in April and at Joint World Conference on Social Work, Education and Social Development in Melbourne in July.

Of course the Delphi study method requires a second round survey in order to test and refine the  results. We will be analysing the responses to the open questions over the next few months. The study aims to identify key areas for research and appropriate research methodologies. Our goal is to distil respondents’ thoughts about the research agenda for supervision into a preliminary set of topics.  We will then go back to those who participated via a brief phase two survey and ask their help to further refine and rank the research priorities.

In the meantime here is one of the key questions we asked our ‘panel’ of supervision researchers and practitioners:

Which aspects of social work supervision are most worthy of scholarly research?

Make your own contribution to the discussion and leave a comment with your thoughts on this question. These comments won’t be included in the study data but we’re keen to stimulate discussion in the supervision community of practice.


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